On Tue, 20 May 2008 14:31:34 +0200, John Beck <jbeck at eng.sun.com> wrote:

> Frank> Why should Sun engineers use different processes for contributing code
> Frank> than non-Sun community members ?
> Because they are employees who have direct access to the source tree and thus
> do not need to be sponsored.

fwiw, thats not the point, the point is how to perform an opensolaris
contribution not how to technically perform a putback. doing that internally
is not an opensolaris contribution in terms of being a private person
with interests in working on opensolaris for whatever reasons or joys...

there is only one way for an opensolaris contribution right now and that is via
this program. whatever you do internally as a SUN employee is not visible nor 
accociated or attributed with an opensolaris community contribution.


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