Frank> ... the point is how to perform an opensolaris
Frank> contribution not how to technically perform a putback.

But, at least at present, a putback is a contribution.

Frank> doing that internally is not an opensolaris contribution in terms of
Frank> being a private person with interests in working on opensolaris for
Frank> whatever reasons or joys...

It doesn't matter whether you did the work as a private person: as a Sun
employee, you work on Solaris is already Sun's intellectual property, so
there is no need to sign a Sun Contributor Agreement and no need to burden
the sponsor program when you can do the putback yourself.

Frank> there is only one way for an opensolaris contribution right now
Frank> and that is via this program.

That is true for people not employed by Sun, but false for Sun employees.

Frank> whatever you do internally as a SUN employee is not visible nor
Frank> directly accociated or attributed with an opensolaris community
Frank> contribution.

Sorry, but that is totally wrong: when you do a putback, it *is* visible,
and the code base gets updated as a result.

Backing up to focus on the bigger picture, this argument is silly.  Wait
a few months until we have migrated the SCM tools, moved the gate from
Teamware to Mercurial, and moved it outside the firewall.  Then we will
be in a position to start true Open Development; the sponsor program was
always just a band-aid until we got to the point.

-- John

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