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> Valerie Bubb Fenwick wrote:
>>> And as we've seen from the India contest, most people are used to the
>>> process of other open source projects, where you can just toss a patch
>>> over the wall, and not have to go through hours or days of process and
>>> pain to see it integrated - the maintainers of the project do that for
>>> you.   If we truly want to accept open source contributions we need to
>>> learn how to deal with these.    (Though I am slightly biased here - I
>> To the best of my knowledge, we have no plan to put staff on taking
>> "thrown over the fence" contributions.  Even our current sponsorship
>> program still requires that the contributor be willing to run code
>> review & do at least unit testing of their fix (even if that just
>> means building it).  We've seen a number of contributions languish
>> when a contributor does not want to/have time to do those things.
> Right - our program assumes everyone wants to become a committer and ignores
> the way most open source contributions happen.    This is why, as is commonly
> quoted, Linux gets more contributions before lunch than OpenSolaris has in
> the 3 years since launch.   We need to figure out how to deal with this if

I don't think we are outright ignoring how other open source projects work,
I just think our experience getting to where we are is very different. Like
I said, taking contributions "thrown over the fence", code reviewing them,
filing the PSARC cases, possibly rewriting them, testing them and integrating
is no small task - one we currently don't have folks assigned to handle.

> we want to be a successful open source community - sure some people will want
> to put in the effort to be committers, but for a simple change they've
> submitted, they don't want to have to do our jobs too.

This is a very interesting discussion, but one I think is suited for
a different alias.  Since I'm fairly sure that all of the contributor
tasks that are seen as burdensome are ON specific things (like all of
the contributor pages are ON specific, even though they don't really
say that they are....), on-discuss may be a better place to have
this conversation.

We have to decide, as a community, if we want to take everything from
anyone - or only contributions from people willing to do the work
required to maintain a high quality release.

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