Mike Gerdts wrote:
[CC:'ing Michelle Olson <michelle.olson at sun.com> as co-lead of the
(yet-to-be-announched) manpage-subsystem-rewrite project]
> I'm looking for a sponsor for the following:
> 1224122 windex not created by install/upgrade
> 4858166 makewhatis should remove duplicate windex entries
> A working prototype prototype is at:
> http://cr.opensolaris.org/~mgerdts/windex-service/

... for the log: I am currently _rewriting_ the manpage subsystem from
scratch (the frontend already exists as
; I'm now waiting for the "ksh93-integration update1" to land before
doing the remaining work). IMO it may be nice to syncronize the work a

Some notes:
- IMO it may be nice to have something like /etc/man/mandirs which keeps
track of directories which contain man directories and a tool ("manadm"
?) which adds/removes entries to that list and invokes the crawling
process for all subdirs listed there.



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