> Thanks very much for the update, Tom.  I'll move this to 'suspended'.
> Bonnie
> Tom Whitten wrote:
>> I've agreed to sponsor 6299120, but I've been unable to establish contact
>> with Aswathy.S or Sruthi.P.Deep.  I think that we should return 6299120 to
>> the pool of available bugs.
>> Aswathy or Sruthi if you still wish to work on this bug, please contact me.

Tom appears to have been the "victim" of sponsoring fixes to two bugs here 
(this plus 6319973), for which he has sadly 
received no contact of late from the other side. From this, and that you have 
moved the status to "suspended", is there 
a mechanism that moves the bugs from "suspended" to "available again - no-one 
gave a crap last time"? Otherwise the 
"suspended" pool might grow and grow...

Regards... Sean.

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