> There's a critical step missing from the beginning -

I assume after you've worked out which bug you're working on.
Is any of the stuff before that ON specific?

> determine
> which Consolidation the code change is targeting -
> ON, Desktop,
> X, SFW, etc. as the remainder of the document varies
> greatly for
> each (most of what you've got there applies to ON,
> but parts
> don't apply to the rest of the consolidations).

OK. A secondary project probably needs to create similar documents for the 
other consolidations (or are the changes small enough that they should be 
documented in the one doc?).

Is http://www.opensolaris.org/os/about/roadmap/conslist/ the best list of 

> Section 3.1 is incorrect - the amount of code has no
> bearing on
> whether ARC review is required or not - it's whether
> or not it
> provides or changes any interfaces that other
> software uses, or
> if it is starting to use an interface from other
> software that's
> not been used before in the software being changed.


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