Paul Armstrong wrote:
>> There's a critical step missing from the beginning -
> I assume after you've worked out which bug you're working on.
> Is any of the stuff before that ON specific?

It would have to be before step 1 in your current ordering, since
which workspace you check out and how to build it depends on which
consolidation the code is in, though I would probably reorder to:

0. Read the information ...

1. Find or file a bug ...

2. Determine which consolidation

3. Create a workspace from the sources for that consolidation,
   and become familiar with building that consolidation

>> determine
>> which Consolidation the code change is targeting -
>> ON, Desktop,
>> X, SFW, etc. as the remainder of the document varies
>> greatly for
>> each (most of what you've got there applies to ON,
>> but parts
>> don't apply to the rest of the consolidations).
> OK. A secondary project probably needs to create similar documents for the 
> other consolidations (or are the changes small enough that they should be 
> documented in the one doc?).
> Is the best list of 
> consolidations?

Looks like it.   I started documenting them as well in the GenUnix wiki,
but never finished:

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