I am Abhilash T.G of Amrita University, I would like to work on the bug 
6530498.My SCA number is OS0183

The bug synopsis is..

Bug ID           6530498
Synopsis        HA DNS should provide a property to allow the DNS service to be 
run as a non-root user
State   1-Dispatched (Default State)
Category:Subcategory    suncluster:ha-dns
Keywords        DNS | named | non-root | oss-bite-size | oss-request | user
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Submit Date     02-MAR-2007
Last Update Date        20-DEC-2007

Customer request via the Sun Cluster forum:

I'd like the DNS HA Agent for Sun Cluster 3.2 to be modified so that the admin 
can choose to run BIND as a
non-root user ie. named. This functionality is desirable for security reasons, 
as it gives the admin a layer of protection in the event that BIND is 
compromised. As a non-root process, it won't be capable of doing
as much damage as a compromised root process could. This behaviour is similar 
to how Apache works, and is already available by specifying "-u <userid>" when 
starting BIND from the command line, or setting 'user'
and 'group' in method_credential in the SMF manifest.

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