Hi John,

I know that GNU screen integration is on TODOo list of some internal 
group. But I'm afraid that they are busy with other things. So it might 
be nice if you work on this.

I can sponsor your work. Which means that I can do all relevant internal 
processes including putback. I expect that you will come with draft for 
ARC case. I'm alone not able to sponsor ARC case so we would need to 
find someone who would that.

So If you are willing work on this please contact me offline.



John Sonnenschein wrote:
> GNU screen is a terminal multiplexer application distributed under the
> GNU GPLv2. It complies cleanly with Studio, hasn't been changed
> significantly in years and has no dependencies.
> I have 2 SVR4 packages ( one sparc, one x86 ) sitting on my shared
> directory waiting to be integrated to the WOS. I need a sponsor to
> help me get this through ARC.
> Currently the packages install to /usr. I am more than happy if it
> makes it easier to change them to install to /usr/sfw
> cheers
> -John

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