On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 10:07:09AM -0500, James Carlson wrote:
> Let's also take the whole "sponsor" question away, as that is a
> temporary issue that's being fixed.  

Sorry to sidetrack what is a very useful thread, but just how temporary
a problem is that likely to be?  And how about the situation where
the sponsor becomes unresponsive (possibly for very valid reasons)?

Case in point, bug 6445725 (newfs / zpool create on firewire device
hangs the OS) which really needs fixing before other contributors can
do useful work on the firewire subsystem. Jurgen Keil submitted a
working and reasonable looking (to me) patch well over a year ago,
and even prodded the sponsor back in August (see 
and yet this still appears to be "stuck".


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