Pete Bentley writes:
> On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 10:07:09AM -0500, James Carlson wrote:
> > Let's also take the whole "sponsor" question away, as that is a
> > temporary issue that's being fixed.  
> Sorry to sidetrack what is a very useful thread, but just how temporary
> a problem is that likely to be?

I don't have an exact date quite yet, but if you're interested in the
solution to the problem, I suggest checking out the SCM Migration

I'd _estimate_ that it'd likely happen by summer time.  The big gating
item right now is tools -- we need people to test the new tools,
review the changes that are being made, and (in some cases) to
volunteer to make the necessary updates.

>  And how about the situation where
> the sponsor becomes unresponsive (possibly for very valid reasons)?

If the sponsor becomes unresponsive, then I'd suggest sending mail
here first to ask for a new sponsor, and (if that doesn't work) to
Bonnie Corwin directly pointing out the problem.  This shouldn't

> Case in point, bug 6445725 (newfs / zpool create on firewire device
> hangs the OS) which really needs fixing before other contributors can
> do useful work on the firewire subsystem. Jurgen Keil submitted a
> working and reasonable looking (to me) patch well over a year ago,
> and even prodded the sponsor back in August (see 
> and yet this still appears to be "stuck".

You're not Jurgen Keil, so I think the first thing to do would be to
ask him.  I don't see the evidence that suggests that this is the
sponsor's problem rather than (possibly) some other problem that
merely hasn't been discussed on the list.

It's not unusual for a sponsor or a code reviewer to send private
feedback or a request for additional testing.  Those sorts of things
can cause delays that are otherwise hard to understand if you're not
part of that conversation.

But let's suppose you're right and the sponsor is the road block
here.  In that case, if you were Jurgen Keil, you'd look at both the
sponsor table:

and the bug itself:

Both show the RE as Alan Perry.  If contacting him doesn't work (I
don't know off hand if it does or doesn't work), then post here asking
for a sponsor who does respond.  If that doesn't work, then I'd
recommend asking Bonnie for help.

Cases like that should be quite unusual, and it's unclear to me
whether you've diagnosed a real problem in this instance or if you
just don't have enough information to make such a call.

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