Viswanathan Kannappan wrote:
> Hi
> I will sponsor this bug fix for you. Please contact me directly from
> here onwards.
> Regards
> Viswa
> x27649
> Vidyalakshmi wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   We are  Deepthi Devaki A R(SCA No. OS0172 ) and R Vidya Lakshmi ( OS0171 ).
>>   We are attaching the diff file for the bug 6589063. We request a sponsor 
>> for the fix.
>> Bug ID  6589063  
>> Synopsis  typo in 'possiblely' in pkcs#11 kernel/soft token    
>> Category:Subcategory  solaris-crypto:pkcs11  
>> Keywords  ef-reviewed  

Just a note to everyone looking at picking up bugs in the pkcs11 or 
kernel crypto area.  For testing crypto modules you MUST have a 
certificate issued by Sun using the process described here:


Solaris Express Software Developer Collection
        >> Solaris Security for Developers Guide
        >> F.  Packaging and Signing Cryptographic Providers

I know that there are no certs issued to any of the people requesting 
sponsors because I see all the cert requests.  What this means is that 
no testing has been done other than possibly compilation.  While this 
may be sufficient for changing a spelling mistake in a comment it isn't 
in the general case.  I'm not trying to discourage anyone from 
sponsoring or submitting requests but it is important that the submitter 
actually does testing too.

Darren J Moffat

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