umesh wali wrote:
> Hi
> we want to work on the bug with the ID- 6613574( mis spelling in 
> exec_attr for Name Service Management entries) will finish it before 
> 14-02-08.

It is not possible for you to fix this bug as the package is delivered 
from the CDE consolidation which is not open source and not available 

I've moved the bug to the cde/cde/sec_labeling bug category which is 
where it really belongs - it was misfiled in an ON category previously.

So I'm very curious as to how you think you could be working on this 
when you could never have seen the source for the package or the files 
in it.

I would STRONGLY advise that people asking for sponsors at least have 
located the source they need to change and done a quick prototype - you 
don't need to have finished - before mailing request sponsor.

I understand the desire to "claim" bugs as soon as possible but claiming 
too early actually wastes sponsor time, the sponsors aren't there to 
help you develop the fix from scratch but to help you with the process 
of getting it reviewed, tested and integrated.

Darren J Moffat

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