vinay simha wrote:
>   name1  : Vinay Simha.B.N
>   email id: simhavcs at <mailto:simhavcs at> 
>   name2  :  Beeresh.G
>   email-id: beeresh at <mailto:beeresh at> 
>   Bug ID Number :* 6638715*
>   synopsis:Checks in passwd should be role based, not uid based
>   category :  utility
>   subcategory : other
>   description : The passwd command still uses uid checking for 
> modifications to the file repository:

This will need an ARC review but before doing so I HIGHLY recommend that 
the design for this is discussed on security-discuss before hand. 
6206564 is a related bug which was fixed in snv_09 and lays down some 
infrastructure that this bug could use in its fix.

Darren J Moffat

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