name1  : Vinay Simha.B.N
  email id: simhavcs at
  name2  :  Beeresh.G
  email-id: beeresh at

  Bug ID Number1 :* 4968927 ***
  synopsis: errno.h comments should match strerror() results
  category :  kernel
  subcategory :   header
  description :  When strerror(errno) reports "Not owner", it's difficult to
divine that errno
  was EPERM since the comment on EPERM's line in errno.h is "Not

  Bug ID Number2 : *6640219 ***
  synopsis: usr/src/cmd/csh/sh.h contains incorrect comment
  category : shell
  subcategory :  cshell
  description :  The header file sh.h states that the boolean pfcshflag is
set to 0 for pfcsh.  This is incorrect, and should state 1.

  tentative date:   *11-Feb-2008 *

  sca number(s):  * OS0227,OS0225 *

Vinay Simha.B.N.
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