avinashtjoshi> But there is a small problem. Whenever we request for a
avinashtjoshi> sponsor, we dont get any reply for days! In this case,
avinashtjoshi> what can we do?

You could wait, or you could contribute a more meaningful fix.  I don't
mean to make light of the many contributions that have been offered
recently, but a very high percentage of them are for trivial problems
that we would generally rate as low or very low priority.  As such, most
of us have higher priority things to work on.

Longer term, the good news is that we are working on opening up our
development practices so that eventually (I can't say how long, but at
least several months) helpful people like you can offer fixes directly
rather than indirectly (i.e., you will be able to file an RTI and do a
putback yourself rather than needing a sponsor).  As we think this will
result in a more satisfying result for everyone, we are focusing on
fixing this bigger problem rather than on getting people to sponsor
lots of little fixes.  Please be patient while we try to drive this
larger change.

-- John


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