John Beck wrote:
> avinashtjoshi> But there is a small problem. Whenever we request for a
> avinashtjoshi> sponsor, we dont get any reply for days! In this case,
> avinashtjoshi> what can we do?
As others have mentioned use the project and community aliases 
appropriate for the fix you are doing to get codereview.  If you can't 
find an appropriate alias try the opensolaris-code alias.

> You could wait, or you could contribute a more meaningful fix.  I don't
> mean to make light of the many contributions that have been offered
> recently, but a very high percentage of them are for trivial problems
> that we would generally rate as low or very low priority.  As such, most
> of us have higher priority things to work on.

I'd be a little stronger than that.  Fixing typos in comments doesn't 
improve the quality of the resulting binaries and given the high a 
process burden while we are still using the sponsor system to me it just 
isn't a good use of a sponsors time.  I would personally rather see that 
we don't see requests that are just fixes in comments.
I do want those fixes in the code base but in my opinion they are better 
done as part of another set of changes in a similar area of the code 
base or subsystem.

Fixes to spelling and grammar that appear in user interfaces are a 
different issue but as John said they are still often very low priority 

Don't take this that I don't value the work that people are offering I 
do but until we have OpenRTI and direct putback these I don't see that 
it is a good use of everyone's time.

Darren J Moffat

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