name1  : Vinay Simha.B.N
  email id: simhavcs at
  name2  :  Beeresh.G
  email-id: beeresh at

  Bug ID Number :* 6649911*
  synopsis:/usr/bin/printf should support field width or precision format
specifiers like %*d or %0*d
  category :  utility
  subcategory : shell
  description : /usr/bin/printf should be able to use field with or
precision format specifiers like %*d or %0*d

  Bug ID Number :* 6578005*
  synopsis: log and logs words can cause confusion
  category :  utility
  subcategory : zfs
  description : The command for adding a log device to a zpool uses the
keyword "log"  However, the output of zpool status shows "logs"  This may
cause a bit of confusion.

  tentative date: *  12-Feb-2008 *

  sca number(s):   *OS0227,OS0225 *


Vinay Simha.B.N.
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