name1  : Vinay Simha.B.N
  email id: simhavcs at
  name2  :  Beeresh.G
  email-id: beeresh at

  Bug ID Number :* 6470471*
  synopsis:*find* should work even if a parent directory is read-protected
  category :  *utility*
  subcategory :* file*
  description :   For performance reasons, find(1) passes FTW_CHDIR to
nftw(3c).  This
  means that getcwd(3c) has to work, or find(1) dies.  But there are many
  situations where getcwd(3c) fails, yet find(1) would still succeed were
  it not for this restriction.  Standard deployment models have users'
  home directory permissions set to 0711, with specific well-known
  subdirectories world-readable (0755).

  sca number(s) : *OS0227,OS0225 *

Vinay Simha.B.N.
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