Vidyalakshmi wrote:
> Hi,
>   We are  Deepthi Devaki A R(SCA No. OS0172 ) and R Vidya Lakshmi ( OS0171 ).
>   We were working on the bug  6558327. We have fixed the bug.
> Bug ID  6558327  
> Synopsis  the opposite of 'init' is not 'uninit'  
> State  6-Fix Understood (Fix is known)  
> Category:Subcategory  utility:zfs  

I've just noticed that this bug has an engineer (cc'd) already assigned 
to this have you asked them if you could take it over ?
You need Doug's permission before taking the bug over and before I can 
sponsor it for you.

In general please don't pickup and work on bugs if they have a 
Responsible Engineer assigned until you have contacted the engineer first.

Darren J Moffat

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