Bugid and synopsis does not match.
What you have suggested is a workaround and not a fix.
ctra+w should delete word by default.


On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 22:08 -0000, krishna kumar wrote:

} Sir,
}me,Krishnakumar and rejeeshnath worked on the following bug and it seems to
}be fixed.
}The output is as expected and fine. We would like u to check the same
}*SCA Number:OS 0191
}user id is : krishna.*
}*Rejeesh's SCA Number:OS 0186*
}*user id:rej*
}*BUG ID : 6207957*
}*SYNOPSIS*: When pressing ctrl+w in svccfg. It erase the whole line instead
}of erase word.
}*WORK AROUND* : Add "edit-mode vi" to ~/.teclarc
}*CATEGORY & SUBCATEGORY*: library:libtecla
}*1.Created a file ~/.teclarc in the home directory.*
}*2.added "edit-mode vi" in the file and saved.*
}*everything is working -it deletes only one word when pressing ctrl+w.
}Looking forward to hear from you
}Thanking you sir
}Krishnakumar D.

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