Darren J Moffat wrote:
> Chris Gerhard wrote:
> > I have a working prototype which I have documented here:
> >
> > http://blogs.sun.com/chrisg/entry/mutliple_time_zones_for_cron
> >
> > Since this is not part of my day job, I'm requesting a sponsor despite
> > being a Sun employee so I can do this on my own time.
> Chris is local to me (physically and timezone :-) I hope that we can
> present the full process at a future LOSUG  and given this needs ARC
> review I'll sponsor the ARC case and the putback for this.

Two items:
1. Is it possible to sync with the POSIX people whether the change is
legal for XPG4/XPG6, please (CC:'ing Don Cragun for that) ?
2. Somewhere in my queue is support for sub-minute timing in cron...
would it be usefull to add this in one step with this patch, too ?



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