Roland Mainz wrote:
> Darren J Moffat wrote:
>> Chris Gerhard wrote:
>>> I have a working prototype which I have documented here:
>>> Since this is not part of my day job, I'm requesting a sponsor despite
>>> being a Sun employee so I can do this on my own time.
>> Chris is local to me (physically and timezone :-) I hope that we can
>> present the full process at a future LOSUG  and given this needs ARC
>> review I'll sponsor the ARC case and the putback for this.
> Two items:
> 1. Is it possible to sync with the POSIX people whether the change is
> legal for XPG4/XPG6, please (CC:'ing Don Cragun for that) ?
> 2. Somewhere in my queue is support for sub-minute timing in cron...
> would it be usefull to add this in one step with this patch, too ?

Ah, some more feature creep!

I'll add it to the list I emailed to Darren privately:

> There is a small danger of feature creep here, but since I'm adding the TZ 
> environment variable I wondered if there are any other things a user should 
> be able to configure.
> The ones that sprang to mind are:
> HOME Let users choose an alternative home directory. I've wanted this in the 
> past when using secure NFS for my home directory but still wanting cron to 
> work. No workaround currently.
> SHELL Let uses choose a shell other than bourne shell to execue the commands. 
> I'm less convinced about this as you can always exec a shell script but many 
> customers have requested this.
> PATH Let users reset the path.  Again a shell script.
> EMAIL Let users specify an alternative email address.   Again a pipe will 
> solve this already.

Sub minute support. Workaround: sleep N && .....

The two that seem to be most important are the original timezone RFE and 
HOME as neither of these can effectively be worked around. Though all 
the others variables are easy.  Sub minute to a second accuracy would 
only really be hard in that finding a syntax that kept backward 
compatibility and was sane would need a bit of thought researching.

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