Don Cragun writes:
>       Note also that a lot of this can be done today with no changes
> to cron or crontab.  You can set TZ in the environment of the command
> to be executed using the following form:
> * 8 * * * TZ=US/Eastern date > /tmp/out8

That doesn't look too useful to me.

The problem is that crond itself runs in the default time zone of the
system itself, rather than in the time zone of the user.  This means
that the first five columns (and the second one in particular) are
just plain "wrong" for remote users.

>       Whether you would want to use this form obviously depends on
> whether you want the time at which the command will be executed and the
> output of commands run to be controlled by the alternate TZ setting, or
> you just want the output of the commands run to be controlled by the
> alternate TZ setting.

The former.  The latter is just a helpful side-effect of the proposed

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