On 2/13/07, Don Cragun <don.cragun at sun.com> wrote:
> the standard allows for option to be specified when crontab is invoked
> to add a cron job.  So, something like:
>                 crontab [-H HOME_value] [-L LOGNAME_value] \
>                         [-P PATH_value] [-S SHELL_value] \
>                         [-T TZ_value] [file]
> would be legal and the values specified could be stored as comments in
> the crontab file.

A read of the crontab man page for UNIX 03 at unix.org suggests the following:

1) The file format presented via an editor to crontab(1) is fixed.
2) How the file is stored is not defined.
3) The definition of how the time is interpreted is not defined.

As such, it seems as though the additional options listed above could
be stored in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/user.cfg (or similar) to be
created to hold these extra values.  Last time I checked, similar
auxiliary files are created when BSM auditing is enabled (user.au), so
there is a precedent for adding extra files in that directory.


Mike Gerdts

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