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> Don Cragun wrote:
> > Roland,
> >       Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
> >
> > Chris,
> >       The format shown in
> [... huge amount of snipping ...]
> This conversation is still happening on request-sponsor, which is a tool,
> not a discussion list.  Could it please be diverted to opensolaris-rfe or
> the like, where it belongs?

Please move the discussion to shell-discuss at opensolaris.org - AFAIK
that is the closest match in this case.

As possible solution (I don't have the manual pages around) the
environment variables could be used. AFAIK (POSIX) cron allows it to
add variable definitions in the form of <varname> = <value> at the
beginning of the crontab file. If this is really allowed we could
follow ksh93's approach to compound variables (please read
- the syntax should follow POSIX shell+crontab rules, including
quoting etc.) and use a variable like ".cron.timezone" (note the '.'
at the beginning) as variable name to define a timezone per line
(please do not use something like ".cron.TZ", uppercase names should
be avoided to prevent confusion with environment variables defined
here and long variable names do not hurt anyone).

This would allow setting "cron"-specific settings for the following
lines and provide an easy mechanism for future extensions of the
crontab without creating some format and/or parser nightmare.

Anyway... please move the discussion to shell-discuss at opensolaris.org
if possible...



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