Roland Mainz wrote:

>>> ... which means I only need a "sponsor" and Alan Burlison's "blessing"
>>> for the patch...
>> I never actually received the patch..
> Uhm... please check your InBox whether you received "Message-ID:
> <4608C1D8.E0DB907F at>" ...
> ... I've attached the patch as
> "cr_6540124_more_portable_os_net_001.diff.txt".

Nope, I didn't receive it.

> 2. The 2nd major part (which affects your territory) is the patch for
> usr/src/cmd/perl/ which fixes a problem with "unset".
> says:
> -- snip --
>      0
>         All name operands were successfully unset.
>     >0
>         At least one name could not be unset.
> -- snip --
> Since the maching variables may not be set "unset" returns an exit code
> greater than zero and will therefore trigger the matching "make" rules
> to fail if the shell used by the Makefile implements the "unset" builtin
> correctly.
> The diffs for usr/src/cmd/perl/ in the attached patch fix that (and a
> missing ';' after "pwd").

That all looks fine, thanks.

>> A webrev would be handy.
> That's a little bit tricky... "webrev" currently has no working
> Subversion support and my home-grown script is only able to compare two
> checked-in versions (which means I have to create a branch etc. etc.).

Fine, no problems :-)

Alan Burlison
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