Matty wrote:
> Howdy,
> Most Linux and BSD distributions ship with a version of dd that
> displays the status of a copy operation when a SIGUSR1 signal is
> received. 
Just a correction. I know this is late in the game, and I don't want to 
prolong the discussion much, since this isn't the right list, but: *BSD 
uses SIGINFO, which is generated via the tty code when the user presses 
^T. Several tools implement a status handler that uses SIGINFO.

I think OpenSolaris doesn't have this functionality (it was a 
BSD-specific piece of functionality), hence another signal would have to 
be used, but that also makes it less useful (typing ^T to the tty where 
the command is running, vs. having to go to another window, doing a 
pgrep, and then a kill -USR1).

- Frank

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