I suppose that *BSD ignores SIGINFO by default, so that programs
that don't wish to support it aren't bothered?

Seems like this _could_ be added, insofar as slots 16-19 of termios c_cc[]
are still unused.  Have to add another signal too (eating into the number of
realtime signals, I suppose).   And a few lines to os/sig.c,
a #define for VSTATUS to sys/termios.h, io/ldterm.c (looks like VSTATUS
should only be interpreted if IEXTEN is enabled?) and
I'm not sure what else.  And of course a bit of research to see if one could
do it in a way reasonably source compatible with Linux and/or *BSD.

Alternatively to some of that work, Linux seems to maybe overload
SIGINFO as a synonym for SIGPWR, but I'm wondering if that might not
be potentially dangerous (I can see someone logged in as root on the
console hitting ^T and causing something to shut down!).

Still, I don't see that it would necessarily break anything to add SIGINFO
support to Solaris, as long as the initial default tty settings didn't enable
that special character.  And as long as there was some clear understanding
how to safely add support for SIGINFO to programs (maybe with the
help of a library routine?), it might be kind of cool to be able to ask a
long-running program what sort of progress it's making.
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