Richard L. Hamilton wrote:
> I suppose that *BSD ignores SIGINFO by default, so that programs
> that don't wish to support it aren't bothered?
> Seems like this _could_ be added, insofar as slots 16-19 of termios c_cc[]
> are still unused.  Have to add another signal too (eating into the number of
> realtime signals, I suppose).   And a few lines to os/sig.c,
> a #define for VSTATUS to sys/termios.h, io/ldterm.c (looks like VSTATUS
> should only be interpreted if IEXTEN is enabled?) and
> I'm not sure what else.  And of course a bit of research to see if one could
> do it in a way reasonably source compatible with Linux and/or *BSD.
Sure. It's pretty much the same as the handling for ^C and, for example.

- Frank

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