Bonnie Corwin wrote:
> Hi Garrett,
> Thanks for letting me know.  I'll put this one in the 'accounted for 
> by other means' section.

Well, the code was submitted while I was not a Sun employee... so I 
think you should mark it closed per the normal process... its just 
instead of my sponsor doing the putback I did it.
> Question - what about 6484159 and 6497366?  Do you want me to just 
> leave those alone for the moment?

Yes, please.  Note that some of this work is done on my own time, so it 
is reasonable for it to get counted as community work.  Also, some of 
the work includes code that was contributed by Tadpole, so it definitely 

    -- Garrett
> Thanks.
> Bonnie
> Garrett D'Amore wrote:
>> Please update the sponors web page for 6487387... I putback the 
>> change myself. :-)  I am now part of Sun. :-)
>>     -- Garrett
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