William Kucharski wrote:
> This works in actual implementation but beware of the side effect that 
> now
> any binary compiled prior to your change that does anything with 
> will now be doing it with SIGINFO.  That could lead to some interesting
> compatibility issues down the road.
Applications should not use _SIGRT*, otherwise they get what they ask 
for :-) It looks like SIGRT* (no leading _) have been defined as 
sysconf(2) calls since 1993, I assume with the intent of making it 
possible to add signals in a backward compatible way. This has happened 
once already, in 1999, when SIGJVM1 and SIGJVM2 were added, and 
_SIGRTMIN was bumped according to the instruction in the comment in 

Like the signal.h(3HEAD) manpage says:

     SIGRTMIN         *       Exit        First real time signal
     (SIGRTMIN+1)     *       Exit        Second real time signal
     (SIGRTMAX-1)     *       Exit        Second-to-last real time signal
     SIGRTMAX         *       Exit        Last real time signal

     The symbols SIGRTMIN through SIGRTMAX are evaluated  dynami-
     cally to permit future configurability.

- Frank

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