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The best place to ask about cryptoadm is on crypto-discuss, cc'ed here. :)


On Wed, 25 Apr 2007, Erwin van Eijk wrote:

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> Hello,
> I wanted to get involved in the OpenSolaris community and wanted to get
> started on a small bite-size bug. If nobody's working on it, I'd like to
> take a stab at it.
> However, while I was looking at the code for cryptoadm, I found out that
> there is a lot more involved than just the provider misspelling that's
> accepted. Actually, all unknown terms on the commandline are ignored, as
> far as I can tell. This makes me wonder two things:
> - - how can I/anyone update the bugid to also state that other misspellings
> are accepted? I know bugzilla offers a feature like this, but I wasn't able
> to find it on the opensolaris bug database.
> - - is the intention to fix the bug, as described in the bugdatabase, or such
> that all invalid commandlines are properly marked as being invalid?
> That last question might sound a bit strange, but I've worked in
> environments where only the described bug got to be fixed, not anything
> that was described because of it.
> I hope to hear from someone soon,
> Erwin
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