Joep Vesseur wrote:
> Erwin,
> Erwin van Eijk wrote:
>> - - how can I/anyone update the bugid to also state that other 
>> misspellings
>> are accepted? I know bugzilla offers a feature like this, but I wasn't 
>> able
>> to find it on the opensolaris bug database.
> For now, bugs can only be updated from inside Sun.
>> - - is the intention to fix the bug, as described in the bugdatabase, 
>> or such
>> that all invalid commandlines are properly marked as being invalid?
> It seems reasonable to make the command behave in general, so I'd say
> that it makes sense to fix all the known bugs related to this.
> I can help you work on this.

I agree with Joep.   When it comes to codereview and if you have any 
technical questions need answered contact the crypto project 
crypto-discuss at

You might want to even considering adding in this oss-bite-size bug too:

6366102 cryptoadm provider= could do with some wild carding

Darren J Moffat

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