Stephen Lau wrote:
> Just a note, MikeE and I were discussing this on #opensolaris.  The code
> in question isn't actually open yet since it's in the Install
> consolidation.  However, the code in question is a shell script - so
> it's clearly open in the sense that it's visible to people.
> I told MikeE he should check with request-sponsor to see if it's
> possible for him to work on it even though it's not officially published
> yet.

Until we've finished the open-sourcing process for the install 
consolidation, I'd say we're not in a position to work with Mike on 
this.  The fact that the source in question may be a shell script 
doesn't change the situation legally, and I am quite reluctant to insert 
any additional complications on that process, which is quite far along 
already.  We'll be very glad to work with Mike on this one once we reach 
that point, though.


> cheers,
> steve
> On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 08:49:36PM -0400, Michael Ellis wrote:
>>    6457265 RFE: need ability to statically set hostname from GRUB command
>>    line.
>>    I'd love to work on this with someone when the opportunity arrises.
>>    Technically very easy, and hopefully an easy addition that others can
>>    also use/test.
>>    thanks,
>>     -- MikeE

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