Needing an ARC case doesn't preclude a request from getting a sponsor.
We have had other sponsors initiate ARC cases for contributed work when
appropriate.  It just means it's a bigger task and takes longer.

It sounds like whoever sponsors this should know that it will probably
involve an ARC case.



Casper.Dik at Sun.COM wrote On 10/04/06 10:11,:
>>request sponsor for #4890717 want append-only files.
>>I have a working prototype where the administrator can put a zfs fs
>>into "append only" mode by setting the zfs "appendonly" property to
>>"on" using zfs(1M).
>>"append only" mode in this case means
>>1. Applications can only append to any existing files, but cannot
>>truncate files by creating a new file with the same filename an
>>existing file, or by writing in a file at an offset other than the end
>>of the file. (Applications can still create new files)
>>2. Applications cannot remove existing files/directories.
>>3. Applications cannot rename/move existing files/directories.
> I think that this will not be as simple as request sponsor but
> that this needs an ARC case first.
> This is on a *filesystem* basis?
> Casper
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