>We're having some discussions about various ways of implementing "append 
>only".  There are some requirements around Sarbanes-Oxley about 
>append-only *files*, and the possibility of using ACLs to specify 
>append-only permissions.  However, there may also be some use cases for 
>append-only *filesystems* as well.  Did you have any in mind?

Whenever people say "SOX requires this" I think they lie; no, I'll
take that back, I meant "I *know* they lie". But I'm interested to know
how these incompetents who peddle their services as SOX compliance
salesmen sell this.

SOX is yet another ploy by accountants and their friends in
Congress to make money without doing actual work.

Enron should not have buried Arthur Anderson; it should have buried
accounting as a reputable profession.


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