Casper.Dik at wrote:
>> "Every day we are archiving documents. At the end of the day we want
>> to freeze the filesystem. Would it be possible to add a time-lock
>> property to ZFS? Could this be extended to still allow new files to be
>> added to the locked file system , but not allowing to add/modify files
>> (ZFS ACL's could handle this)?"
> Don't snapshots handle most of this functionality?

I guess he could snapshot at the end of the day and then roll it back in 
the morning and have in effect a freezing of the data. But do it from cron.

Or zfs set readonly=on <volume> from cron. There's your time lock.

I think that a time lock feature for setting things RO or RW would be 
out of place in ZFS. Cool, yes, but not needed in ZFS itself. The effect 
of a timed lock can be achieved with cron and two ZFS commands.


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