I'll see if we can get this moved forward. Yann had a spec which needed 
a little more polish and then got busy. I haven't looked at it in awhile.

- Eric

Peter Dennis - Solaris Sustaining Engineering wrote:
> Adam Leventhal wrote:
>> On Sat, Oct 07, 2006 at 07:32:11PM -0700, Dan Price wrote:
>>> On Sat 07 Oct 2006 at 07:45AM, Mike Gerdts wrote:
>>>> Any takers on this one?  I have a patch ready.
>>>> Contributor # is OS0018.
>>> I'll take it.  We'll need to prep and file a brief ARC case.
>>> Did we ever get a working "humanized" number function in libc?
>> Not surprisingly, number_to_scaled_string() is replicated in 5 different
>> places. The last time I investigated, there were some small differences
>> between the implementations which is why no one bothered doing the work
>> to put it into libc. It should be there, but it might be tricky to
>> satisfy all consumers.
> We do have:
> 6356629 provide a lib number_to_scaled_string() function
> which I believe had some work done on it.
>> Adam
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