There's an existing RFE that this would fit, but it's assigned to a bit of
a weird place at the moment (it's in the x86 Platform consolidation since
it was viewed as x86 specific at the time - since you use it on SPARC it
should probably just go to ON for both).

6223897: vuid3ps2 module should be extended to support synaptics touchpad.

(Casper previously did this in Xorg's mouse driver, but doing it in a kernel
  VUID module would be a better fit to the virtual mouse model as well as
  making it equally available to Xsun & Xorg.)

        -Alan Coopersmith-           alan.coopersmith at
         Sun Microsystems, Inc. - X Window System Engineering

Garrett D'Amore wrote:
> We (Tadpole) have a driver (vuidsyn) which adds support for the
> synaptics track pad found on various Tadpole hardware (including the Sun
> branded Ultra 3).
> I'd like to add our vuidsyn driver into Nevada, along with code in
> mouse8042 to create a minor node so that vuidsyn will be plumbed by dacf
> instead of vuid3ps2 when a synaptics pad is detected.
> I have not filed a bug for this yet.
> I am told that there may be a synaptics driver in casper's frkit.  If
> so, I've not checked it out yet.  Our driver just behaves as a vuid
> module.  (Casper, can you comment on this?)
> We also have a very nice Tcl/Tk configuration and test UI, that could be
> integrated along with this.

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