Casper.Dik at Sun.COM wrote:
>> I am told that there may be a synaptics driver in casper's frkit.  If
>> so, I've not checked it out yet.  Our driver just behaves as a vuid
>> module.  (Casper, can you comment on this?)
> That driver replaced the Xorg module.
>> We also have a very nice Tcl/Tk configuration and test UI, that could be
>> integrated along with this.
> That's cewl.  Does it support all the extended buttons like
> we have on "our" ferrari's?

Well, I've never _seen_ a Ferrari laptop.  But our systems have a 4
scroll buttons, plus the normal 3 buttons, giving a total of 7 buttons. 
They all work.

> The reason why I originally id my driver was the ability to use the
> buttons then the next feature was scrolling (which is the thing I miss
> and which I can't even get to work on Windows anymore)

Well, I'm not sure what exactly you mean here.

    -- Garrett
> Casper

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