On Sun 29 Oct 2006 at 12:39PM, Mike Gerdts wrote:
> 4967733 bad idea for zones to sync(1M) during shutdown
> 6400646 zones induce between 0 and 6 calls to sync() on each reboot
> The attached patch addresses these bugs.  Contributor agreement is OS0018.

I'll sponsor this one.   (Uhh, except that you forgot to attach the

This is a great bug to fix.

I think the remaining question we should investigate is whether
sync(2) should do anything at all in a non-global zone (or should
somehow be restricted in scope).  Probably we should check in with the
VM and/or UFS folks about this.

I know that at some point the performance guys wanted to make sync's by
non-root users do nothing, but IIRC it was deemed too risky or something.
Maybe we should go do that for Nevada.  Anyone in request-sponsor land
have some background info they could point us at?


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