Hi Mike,

Mike Gerdts wrote:
> The real motivation for this and the other fix I just sent to
> request-sponsor was to figure out how to use mercurial.  As such, if
> there is any goofiness with the patch or would you prefer "hg bundle"
> over "hg export", please let me know.  One particular thing that I was
> looking into was the impact of "zfs clone" instead of "hg clone" (no
> impact seen so far...).  Any wisdom that can be shared on that front
> would likewise be appreciated.

I've sent patches via 'hg export' previously without anyone having 
complained.  Perhaps that's just them being polite though :)

'hg bundle' would require extra work on the sponsors part (they'd need 
a mercurial clone, to apply the bundle, then diff it and put it into 
teamware anyway...).  Part of me thinks that maybe worth it to force 
people to deal with mercurial before they *have* to, but... :)

I've been using a hacked up version of Darren Moffat's zbringover 
script for a month or so now to take mercurial clones with no issues at 
all.  Instant bringover, tiny disk space usage, it's totally worth 
doing. :)

-- Rich

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