Darren J Moffat writes:
> Dan Price wrote:
> > I know that at some point the performance guys wanted to make sync's by
> > non-root users do nothing, but IIRC it was deemed too risky or something.
> > Maybe we should go do that for Nevada.  Anyone in request-sponsor land
> > have some background info they could point us at?
> I think these might be ideally specified as basic privileges, that is 
> all users have them by default (just like the ability to see the 
> existence of others processes in ps output) but they can be removed by 
> the system admin.

I think it'd be a little odd to have a privilege that works like
this.  The implication seems to be that if you have the privilege,
then sync does what it's always done.  If you don't, then sync
silently does nothing at all.  (I don't see any clear way for sync(2)
to return a failure ...)

For zones, why would I want to choose between allowing zones to
operate more quickly (by removing this privilege) and allowing zone
users to save their work during thunderstorms?  I'm not sure I know
how a customer should make such a decision.

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