The request-sponsor program has been in place for eight months, and 
things are going well. It's great to have 89 contributions offered by 18 
community members with 39 putbacks into the ON consolidation so far. 
Additionally, there are more than 20 fixes in progress and a few have 
generated ARC cases.

We'd like to keep the momentum going by increasing the number and 
diversity of contributions, while at the same time improving the process 
for participation. Improvements to b.o.o and the implementation of 
source code management are givens; in the meantime, how can we improve 
what we have right now?

To get the discussion going:

* For those who are contributing code, what can we do to make it easier
   for you to keep contributing? Specific experiences are helpful.
* For those who are thinking about contributing code, what can we do to
   help you get started? Would more oss-bite-size bugs help?
* For those of you who are fixing bugs locally or writing code for ports
   or distributions, what would enable you to offer some of the more
   generic bits to the project for integration where appropriate?

Input appreciated.


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