I will back this up from the request sponser POV.  In my case an RPE 
engineer had already fixed the bug and putback into Nevada.  However we 
don't require people to update the "fixed" in bugster.  The fixed, 
committed and integrated fields get updated only when the build closes.  
So during  that 2 week period one has to grep through the putback list 
to figure out which is really non optimal.

Furthermore the comment from the same engieer was that they don't have 
any visibility if any one from the community is working on a bug.   So 
adding that info would be nice.


Bill Rushmore wrote:

>On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Jim Grisanzio wrote:
>>* For those who are thinking about contributing code, what can we do to
>>   help you get started? Would more oss-bite-size bugs help?
>More oss-bite-size would be nice.  I also have a couple of suggestions for
>the bug list.  One is to make sure the bug status is accurate.  I worked
>on a bite size bug only to find after I submited it that it is was already
>taken care of.  I would also like to see a way to search on bugs by skill
>needed since the code base is so large and diverse.  For example, I would
>like to work on Java stuff since that is my background and I certainly
>wouldn't mind working on things like smc, etc.
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