Sanjay Nadkarni wrote:
> I will back this up from the request sponser POV.  In my case an RPE 
> engineer had already fixed the bug and putback into Nevada.  However we 
> don't require people to update the "fixed" in bugster.  The fixed, 
> committed and integrated fields get updated only when the build closes.  

That seems broken, but I suppose that's my non-ON point of view, coming
from consolidations where the engineer marks the bug "fix available" when
they submit the fix for code review and "integrated" when they putback to
the master gate.   Perhaps ON needs to reconsider how it uses the fields.
(Of course, having the bugs.o.o website show "Fix in progress" for anything
  from "Bug filed, but being ignored" to "Fixed but not yet integrated" makes
  this doubly hard for external contributors.)

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