> That seems broken, but I suppose that's my non-ON point of view, coming
> from consolidations where the engineer marks the bug "fix available" when
> they submit the fix for code review and "integrated" when they putback to
> the master gate.   Perhaps ON needs to reconsider how it uses the fields.
> (Of course, having the bugs.o.o website show "Fix in progress" for anything
>  from "Bug filed, but being ignored" to "Fixed but not yet integrated" 
> makes
>  this doubly hard for external contributors.)

ON allows "Fix available" to be set after integration, but most folks 
don't do this; we could make this a best practice and key off of it in the 
bug view, but it would still be up to each engineer to do this manually 
since there isn't a automated tool to handle this. Setting the bug to "Fix 
integrated" is only done by the gatekeepers after the close of the build 
as noted earlier.

One other problem that I've noticed is that for bugs which have an 
external contributor assigned you can't see the external contributor in 
the bug report view. Instead you have to search the list of sponsored bugs 
looking there, which isn't intuitive and is more work.

- Eric

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