Sanjay> ... we don't require people to update the "fixed" in bugster.  The
Sanjay> fixed, committed and integrated fields get updated only when the build
Sanjay> closes.

Alan> That seems broken, but I suppose that's my non-ON point of view, coming
Alan> from consolidations where the engineer marks the bug "fix available"
Alan> when they submit the fix for code review and "integrated" when they
Alan> putback to the master gate.  Perhaps ON needs to reconsider how it
Alan> uses the fields...

I disagree, and suggest that your usage does not match the terms; part of the
reason ON works the way it does w/rt these fields is to match the terms.  In
particular, the term "fix available" corresponds to putback: the point at
which the fix is available to anyone who cares to bring over from the gate
w/s.  Engineers are allowed to mark a bug "fix available" immediately after
putback.  The term "integrated" is old; the new term is "fix delivered", but
it does not correspond to when a putback occurs; rather, it corresponds to
when the new packages have been delivered to the WOS.

-- John

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