Joel Buckley wrote:
> I manage a consolidation with a total of 2 developers.  Even with this
> size the "gatekeeper" role is intact.  I would suggest the wording be
> explicitly stated for the "gatekeeper".  Then describe the role the
> "gatekeeper" conducts as part of the product release process.

Perhaps that would help - since none of the Desktop consolidations I've
worked with have ever used the "gatekeeper" term, my knowledge is third
hand from hearing ON people talk about what theirs does.  We have release
engineers who do the biweekly builds, deliver them to QA, and then to the
WOS integration dock, but that's the closest equivalent to what I'm aware
of the gatekeeper doing.   They are also a permanent, full time job, not
one of the development engineers who rotate in for each release, and work
on all releases (right now, that's Solaris 8, 9, 10, & Nevada), not just
one release.

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